Month: July 2014

Giveaway In Progress!

We just hit 2000 fans on Facebook! To celebrate, we’re giving away a $20 giftcard. Head to our Facebook page for your chance to win! 

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The new dream…


Ever since high school, my life dream was to go on Warped Tour. Wouldn’t you know that my first job out of college was the 2009 Pit Reporter. 

At the time this movie came out, I just thought it was a beautiful scene, but now it holds so much more value to me. After I decided to leave Warped, I didn’t know what I wanted to do- I had to find a new dream. 

That’s now and I couldn’t be happier! Thanks for helping this become a reality. 

Welcome to the new Whosits + Whatsits!

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We are happy to launch the shiny, brand new Whosits + Whatsits! We’ve been overdue for a blog for a long time and finally the time has come to have a platform to inform you, our friends and fans, with the latest updates from Whosits. We’ll be using this space for news, product releases, fan features, event updates, discounts and more so stay tuned!

And thanks for joining us along this journey. We love you guys!